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Apple Debuts New USB-C Magnetic Apple Watch Charger

Plugging that directly into an iPad or MacBook seems some combination of risky and awkward. But that's fine, you don't have to use it that way.Personally I would have designed it with a "female" USB-C connector so that any USB-C cable would work. In other words, I would have made it like Apple's optional charging dock, with USB-C instead of lightning as the connector. -watch-magnetic-charging-dock?fnode=80In any case, $45 for this would have been a better purchase than the $80 I (my wife) spent on the Apple version.Update: I hadn't realized that Apple has introduced a $29 USB-C Watch charger (as mentioned at the end of the article). I don't know why anyone would spend $45 on a third party version when Apple sells an equivalent product for less. (Again, I would be concerned about plugging it directly into any device without the cord; USB-C ports are not design to bear any weight/strain.)

Apple debuts new USB-C magnetic Apple Watch charger

USB-C is becoming an increasingly important charging technology for Apple devices. Many devices, like the iPad Pro, have a USB-C port. Other Apple devices, such as the HomePod mini, come with a cord that has a USB-C connector on the end that connects to a power adapter. And some Apple devices that work with either USB or USB-C charge faster with USB-C. Apple calls this fast charging, and is requires a power adapter than can output 18W or more of power. For example, as I noted in my recent review of the Apple Watch Series 7, the cord that comes with that product has a magnetic charger on one end and USB-C on the other end. While you can use the older USB cord to charge it, you can charge the watch over twice as fast if you use the USB-C cord and a USB-c power adapter. 350c69d7ab


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